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Fate ZINGA Goshty 2020 Preview 1

                                      Fate ZINGA Goshty 2020 Preview 1

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           Few clips from our next album ZINGA REBOOT – COMING SOON !

Amar Ganner Shur

In memory of Late Shafaat Ali our new release. This song written by Shafaat depicts and reflects his view on life and death a truly deep emotional song about an artist and his view on how his music will live on as he passes away to the other side.

Tomari Jiboney Zinga Goshty 2020 Sneak Peek

Dear Fans I am very excited to share with you today sneak peek to the new music video of Tomari Jiboney that is under production. We finsihed filimg last Sunday in Vilnius , Lithuania at “Vilnius Jazz Bar” where I got a chance to collaborate with a famous Jazz group from Lithuania -Jazz Island

Pakhi Hoye - Zinga Goshty 2017 -"পাখী হয়ে এসেছিলে "

Zinga Goshty 2017 New Music Video – Pakhi Hoye- “পাখী হয়ে এসেছিলে” Originally performed by Late Shafaat Ali in 1983 Zinga Show in BTV. We bring this classic song to life af Lyrics: late Shafaat Ali ter 34 years on our 54th Anniversary ! Artist: Shayan Ali and Sophie Ali- Zinga Goshty Music: Shayan Ali

Potaka- Zinga Goshty 2016

We proudly present our 2016 single “Potaka” tells a story on the flag and symbol of Bangladesh. Artist: Shayan Ali and Najma Zaman Lyrics: Shayan Ali Music: Shayan and Nahiyan Ali We hope you enjoy and visit us in FB – www.facebook.com/zingagoshty and show your support. You can also download the audio directly here : https://soundcloud.com/zingagoshty-1/… Special thanks to my younger brother and talented guitarist Nahiyan Ali for co composing this song with me and the talented drummer Yatziv Caspi from Berlin. Thanks and Enjoy!

Fate ZINGA Goshty 2020 Preview 1

                                      Fate ZINGA Goshty 2020 Preview 1

Ei Noy Bidai- Zinga Goshty 2015 Eid Release

সুধী শ্রোতাবৃন্দ আমাদের নিবেদন এই গানটি “এ নয় বিদায়” – “প্রিয়জন যারা আর নেই আমাদের মাঝে তাদের স্মরণে লিখেছি এই গানটি আশা করি আপনাদের ভাল লাগবে আর এই গানের মাঝে স্মরণ করবেন আপনাদের প্রিয়জনকে শত দোয়ার মাঝে জীংগা গোষ্ঠী Dear Friends, Family and Fans We present to you this new song ” Ei Noy Bidai” This song is in remembrance of all our loved ones who are with us no more. Life and Death are part of our cycle true but its still difficult to bear the absence of our departed family and friends. As we cherish their sweet memories we pray for all our departed loved ones. I hope you like this song and also share with all your loved ones and enjoy and appreciate each other. Visit us on Facebook: www.zingagoshty.com/facebook

Ami Cheye Cheye Dekhi by Zinga 2015

Dear Fans In memory of my father Late Shafaat Ali we wanted to bring back this old Bangla Classic”আমি চেয়ে চেয়ে দেখি ‘ from Movie :Deya Neya” by “Shyamal Mitra”this was one of his favorite songs and ours too. My sister and I started our music career with our family band Zinga at age of 6. It was fun to grow under the music wings of Zinga and my dad and aunts ( Najma and Shehla). Hence now I try to carry the torch over to my daughter Sophie and son Arman to inspire them with Bangla songs and Zinga music. Creating this song was full of fun and excitement and I am happy to share this with you all and bring you to our world of music. We created this for fun and for your entertainment in classic old Nostalgic Zinga music style the way my father and aunts ( Najma Zaman and Shehla Alam ) would play and compose Zinga songs and taught us. I hope you enjoy and share with your friends and fans of Zinga. Thank you for being part of our band for this many years and keeping our family and traditions in your memory. Thank you and Enjoy ! – Shayan Ali- Zinga Goshty

Boli Boli ZINGA Goshty Preview

From our upcoming album ZINGA REBOOT Songwriter: Shafaat Ali Music Arrangement: Shayan and Nahiyan Ali Artist : ZINGA Goshty ft. Shayan

Nambe Badol ZINGA Goshty 2020 Trailer

Nambe Badol – ZINGA REBOOT albume 2020 Trailer- featuring Shayan, Nahiyan and Shafaat Ali Lyrics: Shafaat Ali Music: Shayan & Nahiyan Ali- ZINGA Goshty


Zinga’s tribute to Joan Baez author of the Bangladesh song based on 1971 , 25th March war. Featuring Artist: Maria Ali Music: Shayan Ali Zinga Goshty

Our Old videoclip's

Nambe Badol

Nambe Badol – by Late Shafaat Ali- 1986

Lyrics: Late Shafaat Ali

Music: Zinga

Pakhi Hoye

Pakhi Hoye – by Late Shafaat Ali- 1986

Lyrics: Late Shafaat Ali

Music: Zinga

Tomari Jiboney Najma Zaman Original

Original Version of this classic hit by Najma Zaman and Zinga Goshty is Rare Collection. This track is the original studio track from 1968 broadcasted in 1982 at BTV

Zinga TV Show 1980

                                      BTV Zinga Goshty TV Show 1980   

ZINGA TV Show 1982

                                             BTV Show Zinga Goshty 1982

Ki Kori Bhebe Mori Nighat Ali

                   Zinga Goshty Nighat Ali 1990 Lyrics and Music: Shafaat Ali

Aanchaan Aanchaan Kore Mon 1982 Zinga

জিপসি সংগীতের অনুপ্রেরণায় এই গানটি ১৯৮২ সনে প্রচুর জনপ্রিয়তা পেয়েছিলো কথা ও: মরহুম সাফাত আলী সুর : জিঙ্গা গোষ্টি


Najma Zaman 1982 BTV Show Lyrics : Late Shafaat Ali Music: Zinga Goshty

Shishob Tekhe1982

Classic song of Najma Zaman and Shehla Alam from 1982 BTV Show

Kal Rate Shopno - Najma Zamam BTV broadcast 1990

                        Kal Rate Shopno – Najma Zamam BTV broadcast 1990

O Majhi Majhi Bhai 1990 Original BTV Broadcast

 O Majhi Majhi Bhai 1990 Original BTV Broadcast – for World Cup Soccer show

Raju Tumi

Raju Tumi- by Late Shafaat Ali and Nighat Ali – Music Zinga Goshty 1980

Procharona by Najma Zaman 1980

“Procharona” Najma Zaman 1980 Lyrics & Music: Shafaat Ali

Tumi Je Amari- Zinga Goshty 1986

Artist: Shehla Alam Lyrics & Music : Late Shafaat Ali

Boli Boli Kore- Najma Zaman

Boli Boli Kore- Najma Zaman Lyrics: Late Shafaat Ali Music Zinga – 1986

Shilpi Ami Shilpi- Najma Zaman

Shilpi Ami Shilpi- by Najma Zaman- 1986 Lyrics: Late Shafaat Ali Music: Zinga

AliBaba Zinga1986

Smash Hit song of Zinga from 1986 written on the Arabian Tale of Alibaba and Forty Thieves. Lyrics: Late Shafaat Ali Music: Zinga Goshty

Cheychi Choley

Artist: Najma Zaman

Zinga Goshty

Shurer Choaa

Zinga Goshty’s New Song Released for our 48th Anniversary on March 4th, 2011 Dedicated to our founder Late Shafaat Ali Lyrics: Shayan Ali Music: Zinga Goshty Arrangement : Shayan Ali Artist: Najma Zaman and Shayan Ali

Ondho Prem

Valenitne’s day Release Feb 2011 Lyrics: Shayan Ali Music: Zinga Goshty Arrangement : Shayan Ali

Zinga Shilpi Goshty -Najma Zaman & Zinga Goshty 1980

Music Video from 1980- Featuring Zinga Goshty’s Theme song – Amra Mushti Kojona – The song was recorded with featured musicians from band Feedback playing with Zinga during 1978-1984

Tomari Jiboney -Najma Zaman & Zinga Goshty 1990

Music Video from 1990- Najma Zama -& Zinga’s smash hit song Tomari Jiboney- 1990 Recording

Amar Chotto Bhai -Zinga Goshty

Music Video from 1983 – Late Shafaat Ali & Najma Zama – Zinga’s smash hit song on Football (Soccer) match between Abahani and Mohammaden team

Rupali Choa Legechey -Zinga Goshty

Music Video from 1982 – Late Shafaat Ali & Nighat Ali – Zinga Goshty TV Show

Shanbadik Najma Zman & Zinga Goshty 1980

       This Music Video from 1980 is a tribute to the Journalist community.

Dhaka by Najma Zaman & Zinga Shilpi Goshty

1982 classic hit by Najma Zaman and Zinga Goshty on Dhaka City.

Zinga Goshty 25th March Tribute

Zinga’s tribute to the 38th Independence day of Bangladesh. The songs in this medley were written and composed by Late Shafaat Ali founder of Zinga in 1971, after the brutal attack on Bangladesh on 25th March. The songs were played during the war in Shadhin Bangla Betar and inspired the brave freedome fighters. We pay our respect to the brave martyrs, sons and daughters who lost their lives in the gruesome 9 months war and created the proud nation of Bangladesh. Lyrics: Late Shafaat Ali Music: Shayan Ali Artist: Najma Zaman, Shayan Ali & Shazia Narmeen


Najma Zaman & ZingaShow LIVE in D.C



Musafir Tumi

Lyrics: Late Shafaat Ali Music: Zinga Goshty 1980

Zinga 1986 TV Show

BTV Show Zinga Goshty 1986